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Eighth Triplets

Eighth triplets are not considered as one of the twenty-six rudiments that were set up by the N.A.R.D. However, MANY OF THE RUDIMENTS ARE COMPOSED OF 8TH TRIPLETS. Eighth triplets are a note value and in some ways this may be a much more important roll than ANY of the rudiments. We will begin by learning a simple eighth triplet fill pattern.

With a little imagination the 8th triplet fill may be extended and varied millions of ways around the drumset. Remember. The bass drum is very important! Without it you will most likely lose control of the tempo.

Memorize . . .

Memorize the stroke pattern. You will be playing a steady stream of six notes per group. Pat your right foot, to mark the first note in each new group.

8th triplet roll.

Move to the Hi-Hat . . .

Move to the hi-hat.

Attach this fill to the 8th 'rock' dance beat.

8th triplets into 8th rock.

VIDEO: Click to 'Play', see, and hear it done.

Adapt this 'fill' to a beat in progress . . .

Notice: The beat pattern does not have to be the basic 8th 'rock' pattern as written in these exercises. The 'Permutation' lesson will reveal over 4.3 billion variations of this individual beat category (8th 'rock' 4/4). Triplets may be used with mixed variations and syncopations of this . . . or ANY beat category.

Hear it! Drop the fill into a beat.

I've decided to give you a little to think about on the pattern above. Remember, I said that triplets could be varied millions of ways. In this variation, the bass drum (right foot) replaces the first note in each group of three. This is much easier to play than the traditional triplets. I have nicknamed these 'rock' triplets because they are very popular among rock drummers.

Triplets are popular with drum solo artists because the variation possibilities are almost endless. Experiment with triplet varieties of your own and try them all with your favorite music.

Playing with music, is the most important part. If you can adapt these patterns to music and learn to use them habitually, they will reach perfection very quickly. You should be having fun as they develop . . . just playing the music you love.

PRIMARY ROCK VARIATIONS: These are the foundation rhythms that have continued to dominate rock music styles for the past thirty-five years. You should do more than just learn them. Memorize and play these patterns until they are a part of your soul.


Your measure of yourself is VERY IMPORTANT! How do you measure up as a person? This may offer a clue!


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