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Make Money Buying and Selling Used Drumsets

This very informative little booklet will amaze you with hundreds of valuable secrets!

HOW TO: Purchase old/used drumsets for pennies and resell them for dollars . . .



    1. Learn to make your own high gloss drum finishes with incredible artistic flair . . . at unbelievably low cost. This one secret is worth the price of the booklet and you will be shocked at how easily and inexpensively it can be done. It is possible to recover any drumset with your choice of a million artistic designs for less than $40.00. The entire job can be accomplished in two or three hours. You could make good money with this trick alone, by simply selling your finishing materials to other drummers! Let them cover their own drumsets!
    2. Making old cymbals shine like diamonds! Another way to beat the music dealers out of your hard earned money! This is a simple but very effective tip. It WILL save you money!
    3. Add new life to old chrome! Rusted and pitted chrome is a problem! I don't have any earth shaking, million dollar tricks here but I can show you how to give ugly chrome a breath of new life!
    4. Purchase used drum heads for as little as one dollar, including tips on how to get more miles from worn, unbroken drumheads. Profit inducing tip$$$$!
    5. How to disassemble and reassemble a drumset, down to the last screw! A step by step guide for first-timers!
    6. Finding the best deals on new & used drumsets! I offer dozens of useful tips on this topic. You will save enough on your first purchase to pay for this book!
    Actual dealer catalog excerpts listing many name-brand and off-brand cymbal prices. With this knowledge, you will know when to buy and when to run.

This little business is great for the man/wife team as a vehicle for producing a little extra income. It could also help the energetic teen make some big summertime bucks. If you make your first million with it . . . I want a commission! (Just kidding!)
I know these ideas work, because they have pulled me through some very lean times in the past.

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